“…Also fulminant was pianist Leticia Gómez-Tagle’s interpretation of Tschaikowsky’s Concerto…“
Krone Kritik, Balduin Sulzer 2013

“The sheer fantasy she implies in her right-hand touch in the Andante spianato takes the music into the realm of dream. The Grande Polonaise is full of felicitous touches yet retains a core of integrity, not to mention national pride. Gomez-Tagle has clearly thought through every texture here. She never overloads in the lower registers, despite an obviously powerful instrument. This is a life-enriching performance, able to stand up there with the greats.“
Fanfare Magazin USA, May 2016, Colin Clarke.

„As a painter in sound, Gomez-Tagle is impeccably qualified to give an “Ondine” of fantasy and color. Technically, she is perfect;…This is a fascinating disc, beautifully programmed and played, presented in top-notch sound“.
Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazin, USA. März 2017

“How powerful is this unpretentious artist! … The deserving piano concert series hit top form with this guest pianist. And the sceptic who thinks it is too much to listen to four Scherzi in one recital will be taught the opposite.”
Jürgen Scharft, Deutschland: 2009

„Gómez-Tagle takes the listener by the hand and the soul on a journey of a largely unexpected musical adventure. Not that all chosen composers are unfamiliar, but most of the pieces she plays are….Not that all chosen composers are unfamiliar,…..With some of them it is almost impossible to keep your feet still; so much ‘contagious’ is Gómez-Tagle’s impressively fascinating play,“, France. February 2016 by Adrian Quanjer

„Clear, objective lines characterize these performances, too much color, too much expressive behavior are avoided. But just by this restrained playing the listener experiences both works in a quite new, interesting manner“
Pizzicato, Mai 2017. Alain Steffen

„Thoughtful yet fully realised performances of two of the greatest and most challenging masterpieces for the piano, played by this brilliant Mexican artist.“
Gwyn Parry-Jones, UK Musicweb International, Mai 2017

“…After the Intermission, Leticia Gómez-Tagle delighted with Tschaikowsky’s b minor Piano Concert. With her brilliant touch she draws the bow from lyrical delicacy to powerful grasping.”
Michael Wruss, OÖNachrichten, 2.5.2013

“The playing is superb throughout the disc and much of it is played with a smile; it’s perhaps too much to sit down and listen to in one go but to be sampled when in need of cheering up. Many of the smaller new world pieces are jolly, dance-like and rather fun. I hope to hear more from Leticia Gómez-Tagle as she is clearly a very talented pianist with an interesting take on the Western Classical tradition and a nice mixture of Latin fire included for good measure…“
Jonathan Welsch, Music Web International, März 2016

„Gómez-Tagle’s refined touch and her sense of sound come into fruition in the two Schubert Transcriptions, where she is able to directly transmit their poetic content.“
Piano News, Mai 2017

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