Poems & Pictures

piano works

1. February 2017
Leticia Gómez-Tagle
Producer: ARS
Number of discs: 1
1.Maurice Ravel | Gaspard de la nuit - Ondine. Lent
2.Franz Schubert | Transkriptionen von Franz Liszt - Der Müller und der Bach. Moderato
3.Modest Mussorgsky | Bilder einer Ausstellung - Tuileries (Spielende Kinder im Streit)
4.Modest Mussorgsky | Bilder einer Ausstellung - Die Katakomben von Paris
5.Modest Mussorgsky | Bilder einer Ausstellung -Das Heldentor

For this album I wanted to record two major works of the piano repertoire which I have performed in concert for many years: Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit. These two pieces draw their inspiration from different artistic fields: painting and poetry. For this reason I decided to call the album “Poems and Pictures”. In order to balance the two dramatic works, I inserted two transcriptions of Schubert songs by Franz Liszt between them, which are also inspired by poetry: “The Miller and the Brook” and “To Be Sung on the Water”.

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